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GoVest Components is a new startup run by two cycling brothers. The older one got into the industry already when purple barends was the trend. With age he swapped the tech trails into hard working road sessions. The younger one will have his best season ever with aspirations to be with the Swedish elite peleton. We are both truly in love with the sport and as such also in love with the gadgets.

Two years ago our cycling ambitions became more structured and we started to build a network with Asian cycling manufacturers. Visiting main fairs and testing known and unknown products caused us headache. Not by any nasty accidents, but in search for quality at a realistic pricepoint.  Our perspective was to be able to offer something unique as for the quality vs price trade off. Not an easy task for a small startup business. Hence, we are now proud to offer two clincher wheel sets and a specific Cx tubular wheel set with stellar specifications and performance. We also find it a no brainer to offer an exclusive padded wheel bag with each wheel set. In order to further enforce the Christmas Eve atmosphere when you open your GoVest box, we also throw in some nice looking titanium skewers.

GoVest Components is a Gothenburg based company. A windy city on the Swedish west coast. Not that we believe this will be your first choice for a training camp, even though the coastal archipelago is fantastic and the summer months do offer some sunshine. Still, if around please contact us and we will make sure to take you out for some proper road bike sessions.

Majorca March 30 to 9 April 2011 was the official launch of GoVest

8 months later, Christmas 2011...Cx22 won the Swedish women elite Cx cup. Tyr carbon clinchers are sold out and got an excellent review in the Swedish largest cycle magazine "Kadens". Tyr have been bullet proof throughout the season. Thor alu clinchers have been even more bullet proof having in mind all the plus 90 kg riders. We now offer ovalised chainrings in the shop (Ridea). We are also in the final stages testing the Tyr 2012 clincher range (38 and 55 mm). All this thanks to the support and trust from our clients in Sweden, Finland, England and Spain. Thanks to you all! Avoid whatever injuries and flues. All the luck in 2012!

Please do not hesitate to contact us. GoVest components is a startup, but we are pretty sure you will soon see a GoVest wheel set in your neighbourhood.


Gabriel & Daniel


GoVest Components are offering carbon clincher wheelsets to affordable prices. You will also find oval chainrings and oversized pulleys from RIDEA at our store. At the moment we do only offer sales through our Swedish website. But do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Tyr 55

Tyr 55 is a strong and unique light aero clincher wheelset. Tyr 55 is a wheelset for both racing and training. Riders will especially appreciate the aero advantage going solo or chasing down any breakout, a maximum watt sprint or the direct precision going downhill at high speed.

Tyr 38

Tyr 38 is a strong and unique light carbon clincher wheelset. Tyr 38 is to serve as an all round wheel set for training and racing, challenging yourself and your colleagues. The 38 mm profile and a 2:1 rear spoke pattern gives you a stiff aero advantage but avoids any drag in windy conditions.

RIDEA Oval Chainrings

The theory with oval gear is simply to offer different gear ratio through a pedal cycle. The ambition is that with a lighter gear to help the cyclist in the weakest spots. When the pedal is 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock respectively the weight off the knees and joints of the phases of these suffer most loads. As well want to take advantage of the phases in which the rider has the most power and which offer a heavier gear. Oversimplified, this is when the pedal is at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock respectively.

GoVest News

Tyr in stock

Tyr C38 & C55 2013 in stock, T55 rims also in stock but we await spoke delivery and expect to be able to ship wheels to clients around April 7-10. These days are pretty hectic with efforts to ship pre-ordered wheels. Please bear with us that no shipping will take place during March 28 and April 3 due to the Easter weekend and the fact we are training hard/testing wheels at Majorica. All the best – Govest.  

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Awaiting wheelsets…

The 2012 year model of Tyr has finally arrived in Gothenburg, for almost a week now they have been stuck in a container or similar. Pretty frustrating when something is coming from other side of the world in a boat and there will be a week delay for some paperwork when everything is so close. But to get loose of that frustration we did some intervals in a 90 meters altitude hill. With parts of the Conti Test Team The […]

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Conti Test Team – count down

Conti Test Team is the new team to bee seen at the Swedish racing scene this season. Today’s session with 9 team members (Out of 20) was one of the most laid back with 93 km at a steady pace. Simply because the main aim was to have a great photo session as well. April 8 and we got a sunny day. Still the temperature refuse to climb to two digit figures. Once the photo shooting was done our youngsters came alive. […]

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March 3 – New club Conti Test Team welcome spring

Second outdoor distance with new club Conti Test Team (CTT). 15 keen cyclists showed up for a chilly (+2-6 C), windy but sunny distance session. As always with CTT sessions, one can be sure that the average speed will be higher than expected. This was also the case today. 121 km with an average speed of 35.0 km/h. Really good having in mind a lot of things can be tuned. Such as using a road bike rather than a Cyclo cross, high profile wheels (Thor A3.0 […]

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Carbon clinchers soon in the shop – TYR 2012!

Finally we are pleased to announce the details of Tyr 2012 carbon clincher wheelsets. The past 4 months have been a test period. Cold and unfriendly environment in Sweden, somewhat better cycling in Cyprus and indoor sessions. Comparing the 2011 model with the new 2012 rim prototypes. Although Tyr 2011 got very positive rider feedback, a positive independent test in the Swedish leading cycle magazine Kadens (No 10, 2011) and our thumbs up due to our own punishment , we very seldom stay […]

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