Tyr in stock

Tyr C38 & C55 2013 in stock. T55 rims also in stock but we await spoke delivery and expect to be able to ship wheels to clients around April 7-10. These days are pretty hectic with efforts to ship pre-ordered wheels. Please bear with us that no shipping will take place during March 28 and April 3 . Due to […]

300 km in 7 h 12 min

The largest race in Sweden – Vätternrundan 300 km is now done. My brother and me managed as a part of the Conti Test Team to finish in 7 h 12 min. An average speed of 41.5 km per hour. 17880 cyclists finished the race. A new record. The fastest time this year end ever […]

TT rockets

The World’s fastest TT frame according to Ridley. The 2010 Ridley Dean was in our opinion the one with the best looking paint work. Disc wheel with a 10 minute fresh logotype. All set for a national race in mid Sweden tomorrow (3rd place with an average of 45.5km/h on 16.5km) FELT B12. Shrimped down […]

Majorca 2011 pictures

2011, March 30 to April 9 Majorca camp was great. +23-26 C and bright skies. Mainly smooth paved roads and good food. Bonka coffee. Everyday talk and preparation prior to sessions. Thor A3.0 at Cap Formentor. Tyr C38, after acouple of thousands height meters and some leg relax close to Soller. Chasing down serpentines with not to […]