Tyr in stock

Tyr C38 & C55 2013 in stock. T55 rims also in stock but we await spoke delivery and expect to be able to ship wheels to clients around April 7-10. These days are pretty hectic with efforts to ship pre-ordered wheels. Please bear with us that no shipping will take place during March 28 and April 3 . Due to the Easter weekend and the fact we are training hard/testing wheels at Majorica. All the best – Govest.

March 3 – New club CTT welcome spring

Second outdoor distance with new club Conti Test Team (CTT). 15 keen cyclists showed up for a chilly (+2-6 C), windy but sunny distance session. As always with CTT sessions, one can be sure that the average speed will be higher than expected. This was also the case today. 121 km with an average speed of 35.0 km/h. Really good having in mind a lot of things can be tuned. Such as using a road bike rather than a Cyclocross, high profile wheels (Thor A3.0 today) and approx 1.5 kg less clothing. Sweden is a rather chilly place to be a road bike cyclist. Today was the first sign of spring coming. The atmosphere throughout the session was therefore at the best. For all you out there, stepping out…Enjoy!

Photo by Natasja Jovic

Christmas Day 2011 – A fun turbo trainer session…

Christmas Day. A traditionally silent day. However, due to a carboload session on Christmas Eve and a blessing good sleep, there were simply no excuses. The turbo trainer session started with a good 20 min 260w warm up. The Jamiroquai mix made it easy to feel alert. Now it was just to go ahead with the session itself, 3 times 10 minutes.

In order to make the turbo trainer session as fun as it possibly can be, these 10 minutes start off with a 5 min steady pace at 90 rpm 340w. Then a slight increase in watt and 30 seconds standing at 390 to 400w (100 rpm). Back seated for 30 seconds, trying to maintain 350w. 5 times later the first 10 minutes were history. Active rest at 240w for 3 min before another 10 minutes. All fine and confidence raising. The third 10 minutes though, with 2 minutes to go was on the edge. Perhaps due to none of my favorite tunes played this particular crucial moment?

All in all happy with the session. Will though not fool anyone, still a turbo session and I envy my brother. He is in Cyprus having fun. 130 k distance. That is reality. A bit unfair, but in 2.5 months time, Nice here I come.

300 km in 7 h 12 min

The largest race in Sweden – Vätternrundan 300 km is now done. My brother and me managed as a part of the Conti Test Team to finish in 7 h 12 min. An average speed of 41.5 km per hour. 17880 cyclists finished the race. A new record. The fastest time this year end ever was 6 h 52 minutes done by an elite team. We are proud of that 29 of our 42 member group crossed the line together.

Photo by Natasja Jovic

CTT session prior to Vätternrundan

One week prior to the largest race in Sweden – Vätternrundan 300 km. This was the final session together, aiming for having a smooth belgian circulation at the supposed race speed.

12 Team Conti Test team members showed up and worked hard during the 112 km back and forth test distance. The winds were not entirely favourable with a side  wind of 4-6 m/sec. The average speed was anyhow 42.8 km/h.

Now its about recovery, a time trial and then the big race itself June 18.

Photo is taken by Natasja Jovic.

70 km session on an ordinary Monday

Still relaxed during the varm up. The West Coast offer almost always very windy conditions, hence a lot of fun with the tailwind, being relaxed for 27 km with an average speed of 42.6 km/h. Then real work getting home. Due to good cooperation we got there after 63 km with a 38.0 km/h average speed. My brother on Thor and myself on Tyr.

TT rockets

The World’s fastest TT frame according to Ridley. The 2010 Ridley Dean was in our opinion the one with the best looking paint work. Disc wheel with a 10 minute fresh logotype. All set for a national race in mid Sweden tomorrow (3rd place with an average of 45.5km/h on 16.5km)

FELT B12. Shrimped down to 7.27 kg. The wheelset of 1120 gm shave off considerable amount of not needed mass. Please note that the Felt top tube have a more aggressive slope than the Ridley Dean, assuming you lift up the rear end as pictured. All this is statistics having in mind the owner and rider is quite poor (Me).

Majorca 2011 pictures

2011, March 30 to April 9 Majorca camp was great. +23-26 C and bright skies. Mainly smooth paved roads and good food. Bonka coffee. Everyday talk and preparation prior to sessions.

Thor A3.0 at Cap Formentor. Tyr C38, after acouple of thousands height meters and some leg relax close to Soller. Chasing down serpentines with not to much traffic. Tyr C38 at the top of the Randa (546 hm).

Swedish gathering after hill time trial at Cap Formentor.