Finally we are pleased to announce the details of Tyr 2012 carbon clincher wheelsets. The past 4 months have been a test period. Cold and unfriendly environment in Sweden, somewhat better cycling in Cyprus and indoor sessions. Comparing the 2011 model with the new 2012 rim prototypes. Although Tyr 2011 got very positive rider feedback, a positive independent test in the Swedish leading cycle magazine Kadens (No 10, 2011) and our thumbs up due to our own punishment , we very seldom stay at rest.

The Tyr 2012 models will feature the following improvements and changes:

Tyr 2012 clinchers will be offered with a 38 mm or a 55 mm profile. The 55 mm profile offers a wider body, utilizing the advantage of aerodynamics. The Tyr rim is structurally very strong, especially around the nipple holes, offering wheelbuilders the benefit of fine tuning with higher spoke tensions. Our build up is with radial lacing up front, 20 spokes. Rear is 24 spokes with a 2:1 lacing, simply 8 spokes on the non drive side and double the number as for the drive side. Non drive side is with radial and drive side with a 3 cross pattern.

All lacing is with black  Sapim CX Ray spokes and black alloy nipples. Needless to say, the rear rim and rear hub are specifically drilled to feature the best angles for a 2:1 lacing. The 2:1 pattern mean an almost even spoke tension on both drive and non drive side with the advantages it brings as for a true and less vulnerable wheel. The 2-1 ratio also improves strength and is able to handle massive abuse in sprints.

The GoVest hubs have been extensively tested as for our Cyclocross CX22 wheelset

Still, we have done a couple of tweaks here as well. 2 larger bearings up front instead of the 4 in the Cx hub. Exchange of all the bearings to Enduro ceramic hybrid bearings. Larger eye catching laser logos (in white). As for the rims we have decided to continue with the current UD finish quality, the wheels pictured have a marble finish (test prototypes).

Another big improvement have been a wider brake area, which handles higher temperatures compared to Tyr 2011

In Cyprus, we were especially impressed after an 1000 hm descend in wet conditions. Our test samples have been very very light. The 38 mm comes in at 1335 gm without QR. The 55 mm comes in at 1450 gm. Production weights will be +/- 30 gm. Please keep in mind that we never trade off reliability and performance for weight. No atom small bearings as one example.


We came to the conclusion that though pink and orange are not our absolute favourite colours, we should still faciliate logo colour schemes matching any bike. Tyr 2012 will be possible to order either with a “Ghost” silver logo, with either silver or red stripes. The Tyr C55 or Tyr C38 will then be in silver. For those who want to highlight the GoVest brand somewhat more, there will be a “Race” white logo with either red or silver stripes. The type logo will then be in red or white.

We simply believe that you have to search very hard to find a clincher wheelset close to the Tyr 2012 specification and price. Tyr 2012 will be available for order and delivery first week April (might be one week earlier or later). Pricing will be somewhat lower than Tyr 2011. Next stop for Tyr 2012 is Nice. March 10-17. As a cycling fan up the Col de Vence, checking the UCI professionals in Paris-Nice. Will bring the 55 mm for the catch up going downhill. In 2012 we sponsor a couple of promising cyclists and hope for a good season ourselves. For all out there – stay healthy.