Tyr in stock

Tyr C38 & C55 2013 in stock. T55 rims also in stock but we await spoke delivery and expect to be able to ship wheels to clients around April 7-10. These days are pretty hectic with efforts to ship pre-ordered wheels. Please bear with us that no shipping will take place during March 28 and April 3 . Due to the Easter weekend and the fact we are training hard/testing wheels at Majorica. All the best – Govest.

Awaiting wheelsets…

The 2012 year model of Tyr has finally arrived in Gothenburg. For almost a week now they have been stuck in a container or similar. Pretty frustrating when something is coming from other side of the world in a boat. And there will be a week delay for some paperwork when everything is so close. But to get loose of that frustration we did some intervals in a 90 meters altitude hill. With parts of the Conti Test Team

The weather was a bit cloudy and chilly winds, but does that matter when it’s the lactate acid that you’re looking for ?

Conti Test Team – count down

Conti Test Team is the new team to bee seen at the Swedish racing scene this season. Today’s session with 9 team members, out of 20, was one of the most laid back with 93 km at a steady pace. Simply because the main aim was to have a great photo session as well.

April 8 and we got a sunny day. Still the temperature refuse to climb to two digit figures. Once the photo shooting was done our youngsters came alive. The remaining 30 km were hence about attacking. The team is now to show up at the first official race April 15, Östgötaloppet. A race that is known to be a windy one with open plains. 16 CTT riders will be on the starting line.

All photos taken by Natasja Jovic.

Photo Session

March 3 – New club CTT welcome spring

Second outdoor distance with new club Conti Test Team (CTT). 15 keen cyclists showed up for a chilly (+2-6 C), windy but sunny distance session. As always with CTT sessions, one can be sure that the average speed will be higher than expected. This was also the case today. 121 km with an average speed of 35.0 km/h. Really good having in mind a lot of things can be tuned. Such as using a road bike rather than a Cyclocross, high profile wheels (Thor A3.0 today) and approx 1.5 kg less clothing. Sweden is a rather chilly place to be a road bike cyclist. Today was the first sign of spring coming. The atmosphere throughout the session was therefore at the best. For all you out there, stepping out…Enjoy!

Photo by Natasja Jovic

Carbon clinchers soon in webshop – TYR 2012

Finally we are pleased to announce the details of Tyr 2012 carbon clincher wheelsets. The past 4 months have been a test period. Cold and unfriendly environment in Sweden, somewhat better cycling in Cyprus and indoor sessions. Comparing the 2011 model with the new 2012 rim prototypes. Although Tyr 2011 got very positive rider feedback, a positive independent test in the Swedish leading cycle magazine Kadens (No 10, 2011) and our thumbs up due to our own punishment , we very seldom stay at rest.

The Tyr 2012 models will feature the following improvements and changes:

Tyr 2012 clinchers will be offered with a 38 mm or a 55 mm profile. The 55 mm profile offers a wider body, utilizing the advantage of aerodynamics. The Tyr rim is structurally very strong, especially around the nipple holes, offering wheelbuilders the benefit of fine tuning with higher spoke tensions. Our build up is with radial lacing up front, 20 spokes. Rear is 24 spokes with a 2:1 lacing, simply 8 spokes on the non drive side and double the number as for the drive side. Non drive side is with radial and drive side with a 3 cross pattern.

All lacing is with black  Sapim CX Ray spokes and black alloy nipples. Needless to say, the rear rim and rear hub are specifically drilled to feature the best angles for a 2:1 lacing. The 2:1 pattern mean an almost even spoke tension on both drive and non drive side with the advantages it brings as for a true and less vulnerable wheel. The 2-1 ratio also improves strength and is able to handle massive abuse in sprints.

The GoVest hubs have been extensively tested as for our Cyclocross CX22 wheelset

Still, we have done a couple of tweaks here as well. 2 larger bearings up front instead of the 4 in the Cx hub. Exchange of all the bearings to Enduro ceramic hybrid bearings. Larger eye catching laser logos (in white). As for the rims we have decided to continue with the current UD finish quality, the wheels pictured have a marble finish (test prototypes).

Another big improvement have been a wider brake area, which handles higher temperatures compared to Tyr 2011

In Cyprus, we were especially impressed after an 1000 hm descend in wet conditions. Our test samples have been very very light. The 38 mm comes in at 1335 gm without QR. The 55 mm comes in at 1450 gm. Production weights will be +/- 30 gm. Please keep in mind that we never trade off reliability and performance for weight. No atom small bearings as one example.


We came to the conclusion that though pink and orange are not our absolute favourite colours, we should still faciliate logo colour schemes matching any bike. Tyr 2012 will be possible to order either with a “Ghost” silver logo, with either silver or red stripes. The Tyr C55 or Tyr C38 will then be in silver. For those who want to highlight the GoVest brand somewhat more, there will be a “Race” white logo with either red or silver stripes. The type logo will then be in red or white.

We simply believe that you have to search very hard to find a clincher wheelset close to the Tyr 2012 specification and price. Tyr 2012 will be available for order and delivery first week April (might be one week earlier or later). Pricing will be somewhat lower than Tyr 2011. Next stop for Tyr 2012 is Nice. March 10-17. As a cycling fan up the Col de Vence, checking the UCI professionals in Paris-Nice. Will bring the 55 mm for the catch up going downhill. In 2012 we sponsor a couple of promising cyclists and hope for a good season ourselves. For all out there – stay healthy.

Cyprus part2: Time to collect altitude

Today on Cyprus there was some serious climbing to be done. Normally wintertime I would like to collect miles. Especially when abroad as in Sweden the weather can be somewhat harsh and doing it difficult on longer rides. But also in Sweden, Gothenburg, we don’t have these climbs so it is hard not to do them.

Highest peak was approximately 1250 hm (altitude), climbing almost all way from Larnaca. The last 10-20km with a 7-11% grade and then a similar descent on the other side of the mountain. 8 degrees celsius didn’t make it easy. Felt like a deep frozen popsicle (at least my fingers was like popsicles trying to brake).

Although to my happiness there was some nice hairpin turns, great to test out the new 2012 year model of our 38mm wheelsets.

Tomorrow there will be a ride to Limassol and back.

Alternative to turbo trainers

Christmas time this year means Cyprus and Larnaca for my part. Partly to make a visit to parents and also doing miles after miles on the road. In somewhat warmer climates Sweden is offering right now, during wintertime.

Yesterday on Christmas Eve was the first ride ever for me on Cyprus. A ride up to Stavrovouni chapel with a 650m ascent with a somewhat more stressed ride back to Christmas dinner with closed-down and bad signed roads.

The weather for today was rainy first 20-30km, afterwards very clear and warm, with winds in the back.

A walk in Agia Napa finished with a ride back to hotel, with semi-flat tube, a somewhat nice Christmas Day.

The planning for tomorrow ride has started, 38mm clincher wheels are mounted and ready for some tests. 55mm can take some rest for now…

Christmas Day 2011 – A fun turbo trainer session…

Christmas Day. A traditionally silent day. However, due to a carboload session on Christmas Eve and a blessing good sleep, there were simply no excuses. The turbo trainer session started with a good 20 min 260w warm up. The Jamiroquai mix made it easy to feel alert. Now it was just to go ahead with the session itself, 3 times 10 minutes.

In order to make the turbo trainer session as fun as it possibly can be, these 10 minutes start off with a 5 min steady pace at 90 rpm 340w. Then a slight increase in watt and 30 seconds standing at 390 to 400w (100 rpm). Back seated for 30 seconds, trying to maintain 350w. 5 times later the first 10 minutes were history. Active rest at 240w for 3 min before another 10 minutes. All fine and confidence raising. The third 10 minutes though, with 2 minutes to go was on the edge. Perhaps due to none of my favorite tunes played this particular crucial moment?

All in all happy with the session. Will though not fool anyone, still a turbo session and I envy my brother. He is in Cyprus having fun. 130 k distance. That is reality. A bit unfair, but in 2.5 months time, Nice here I come.

Testing 2012 carbon clincher gear

This was the second indoor session. Friidrottens Hus (Track & Field) is a 200 m track we use for indoor training as an alternative to the somewhat boring turbo trainer sessions. Our sessions start Saturdays 08.00 CET. A kind of cruel time for maximum efforts. Nevertheless, 310 laps (62 km) in 1 hour 40 minutes with an average speed of 37.0 km/h was good enough. Today was also about testing the to be 2012 carbon clincher wheelsets.

We test a lot and punish our gear in all kind of conditions before any launch in our web store. Next stop is Cyprus. As it looks now we aim to offer 2012 Tyr in both 38 mm and 55 mm heights, where the 55 mm also gets a wider profile. Rear is tested with a 2-1 spoke pattern.  The new rims have a more defined brake area together with a surface that handles higher temperatures. 

Test clincher wheelset samples weights have been extraordinary, 1330 gm for the 38 mm and 1410 gm for the 55 mm. This may alter marginally depending on spoke pattern and the chosen bearings. Finally, we have also put considerable time into shaping up the wheel stickers. This have resulted in a grey “Ghost” version that in my opinion looks awesome. For those less discrete there will be a “Race” version. The choice will be all yours.

CTT – Conti Test Team

The pictures beneath highlight some more gear. Such as my Ridea ovalised chainrings (Available in our store). These chainrings have made my knees less sore on the turbo trainer this winter. Furthermore, the Conti Test Team clothing is the one that will be used throughout 2012.  Conti Test Team is a new Swedish cycle club. The 25 club members are all experienced and dedicated cyclists with a focus to have fun. Fun combined with some clever racing.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Especially to those punishing our wheels in Sweden, Finland, UK and Spain…

Ridea Oval – 3-5% more power output!

Bad knees, a dream to become a better climber, or simply to get a smoother cadence on the flat? Ridea Ovalised chainrings have been available for a long time now, in different shapes. Theory is simple. The anatomy of a cyclist result in two dead spots throughout the circular motion. When the pedal is on the top and at the bottom. The cyclist is simply not able to generate the same watt as when pedals are horizontal. Round chainrings do not consider this issue. Instead it is the cyclist issue to cope with and improve his cadence technique. Especially cruel hills stress any effort to maintain an even cadence working through the dead spots.


If theory is simple, why then do not major brands offer ovalised chainrings? That would be violating the principle of standardisation. Simply too complex to offer to many alternatives. The analogy here would be crank arm length theory…Shimano had a go in the 90’s with Biopace. Offering a high grade of ovalisation and not entirely well thought over. Ovalisation can be a very personal choice, where Bradley Wiggins TT chainrings are proof of this. Lately there have been a kind of revival as for ovalised chainrings, where Rotor is one of the bigger brands with Thor Hushovd as the front man.


Ridea offer three different levels of ovalisation. We do offer the least ovalised alternative (13 grades). These chainrings are easily mounted to your regular 5-bolt crank arms. There is no issue as for the front mech functionality. A standard Shimano set of 53-39 (130bcd) is a mere 124 gm. The chainrings are CNC machined out of 7075 – T6 Alloy and have a Keronite coating, which we have found durable  in direct comparison with high quality Stronglight Ct2 chainrings.  This level of ovalisation is simply a good starting point. Basically no big deal. You will notice less stress for your knees (Especially on the turbo trainer), a better rhythm as for your efforts to conquer your favourite climbs, and a smoother cadence on the flat. More info is found at: rideabikes.com

Cyclocross Weekend in Scania

The Swedish Cyclocross cup was held this weekend in the southern parts of Sweden, Scania. Very challenging courses with all kinds of obstacles and terrains.

A great success for Lisa Ström finishing in first place in both races. Resulting in a total cup lead and from now on she’s riding the yellow jersey. Big congrats from GoVest!

Axel “Acke” Wannerskog racing in masters-class had a great weekend as well. Finishing 7th and 4th resulting in a 6th place in total makes this his best weekend this season. Well raced!