Christmas Day. A traditionally silent day. However, due to a carboload session on Christmas Eve and a blessing good sleep, there were simply no excuses. The turbo trainer session started with a good 20 min 260w warm up. The Jamiroquai mix made it easy to feel alert. Now it was just to go ahead with the session itself, 3 times 10 minutes.

In order to make the turbo trainer session as fun as it possibly can be, these 10 minutes start off with a 5 min steady pace at 90 rpm 340w. Then a slight increase in watt and 30 seconds standing at 390 to 400w (100 rpm). Back seated for 30 seconds, trying to maintain 350w. 5 times later the first 10 minutes were history. Active rest at 240w for 3 min before another 10 minutes. All fine and confidence raising. The third 10 minutes though, with 2 minutes to go was on the edge. Perhaps due to none of my favorite tunes played this particular crucial moment?

All in all happy with the session. Will though not fool anyone, still a turbo session and I envy my brother. He is in Cyprus having fun. 130 k distance. That is reality. A bit unfair, but in 2.5 months time, Nice here I come.