Today on Cyprus there was some serious climbing to be done. Normally wintertime I would like to collect miles. Especially when abroad as in Sweden the weather can be somewhat harsh and doing it difficult on longer rides. But also in Sweden, Gothenburg, we don’t have these climbs so it is hard not to do them.

Highest peak was approximately 1250 hm (altitude), climbing almost all way from Larnaca. The last 10-20km with a 7-11% grade and then a similar descent on the other side of the mountain. 8 degrees celsius didn’t make it easy. Felt like a deep frozen popsicle (at least my fingers was like popsicles trying to brake).

Although to my happiness there was some nice hairpin turns, great to test out the new 2012 year model of our 38mm wheelsets.

Tomorrow there will be a ride to Limassol and back.