Home after a tough weekend in the beautiful sceneries of Scania (southern part of Sweden). A 2-day race with 30km time trial and a 90km stage race day after, on a pretty hard course with some smaller climbs and tight turns. The time trial course was somewhat technical for a novice as me. I’ve only done time trial races before in a flat course with a turn point halfway.

Reached the finish line after 42min and 1 second, already knew that this was not a great time. But good enough for a third place. My teammate from CK Master, Viktor Torstensson, was 2 seconds faster than me. So with a 2’nd and a 3’rd place before the stage race it looked promising.

Sunday and race, excellent weather and some tactical talks prior the race the team was ready for race. The goal for today was to get either Viktor or me in a breakaway. After some attacking I managed to get away in a three man breakaway, that held all the way in to the finish line. A 3’rd place for me, again, in this race gave me a 2’nd place in the totals.

Results from the race:

Stage 1

Stage 2 and totals

To Squeeze in some commercial. Both days was ridden on Tyr C3.8 (except in time trials, where I had a discwheel in rear), amazing wheelset!!! With Michelin Pro3 Race mounted makes it the perfect combination…