This was the second indoor session. Friidrottens Hus (Track & Field) is a 200 m track we use for indoor training as an alternative to the somewhat boring turbo trainer sessions. Our sessions start Saturdays 08.00 CET. A kind of cruel time for maximum efforts. Nevertheless, 310 laps (62 km) in 1 hour 40 minutes with an average speed of 37.0 km/h was good enough. Today was also about testing the to be 2012 carbon clincher wheelsets.

We test a lot and punish our gear in all kind of conditions before any launch in our web store. Next stop is Cyprus. As it looks now we aim to offer 2012 Tyr in both 38 mm and 55 mm heights, where the 55 mm also gets a wider profile. Rear is tested with a 2-1 spoke pattern.  The new rims have a more defined brake area together with a surface that handles higher temperatures. 

Test clincher wheelset samples weights have been extraordinary, 1330 gm for the 38 mm and 1410 gm for the 55 mm. This may alter marginally depending on spoke pattern and the chosen bearings. Finally, we have also put considerable time into shaping up the wheel stickers. This have resulted in a grey “Ghost” version that in my opinion looks awesome. For those less discrete there will be a “Race” version. The choice will be all yours.

CTT – Conti Test Team

The pictures beneath highlight some more gear. Such as my Ridea ovalised chainrings (Available in our store). These chainrings have made my knees less sore on the turbo trainer this winter. Furthermore, the Conti Test Team clothing is the one that will be used throughout 2012.  Conti Test Team is a new Swedish cycle club. The 25 club members are all experienced and dedicated cyclists with a focus to have fun. Fun combined with some clever racing.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Especially to those punishing our wheels in Sweden, Finland, UK and Spain…