The last days of my vacation ended with the Veteran Swedish Championships. A race that highlighted my lack of tactical skills. Missed the two deciding breakouts and my chase efforts were just tiring in the cross winds. A 21st place out of 70 participants was quite OK on paper, but my expectations based on training and shape were set higher.

The weekend after was a race weekend for my brother Daniel. A good performance in a Grand Prix (At the finish line with the peleton) was followed up by a successful break out with my brother taking the initiative. All was set for a top 1-8 spot until a moment of bad luck, bad roads and lack of focus resulted in a crash. Mainly clothing and a sore shoulder. Then a slow peloton ride to the finish line. The cycling sport is kind of cruel sometimes.

Yesterday was the day for a hill time trial. A 2.4 km course with 90 height meters. Average of 4% with a bone crushing 15% finish. My average pulse was 95% of max throughout the race with 99% at the end. Not sure if this was an optimal race, though I managed to have my first win in the Men30 and 40 class.

Photos by Kjell Bengtsson